go runtime

2010-09-12 黄毅

* basic types
typedef signed char int8;
typedef unsigned char uint8;
typedef signed short int16;
typedef unsigned short uint16;
typedef signed int int32;
typedef unsigned int uint32;
typedef signed long long int int64;
typedef unsigned long long int uint64;
typedef float float32;
typedef double float64;
#ifdef _64BIT
typedef uint64 uintptr;
typedef int64 intptr;
typedef uint32 uintptr;
typedef int32 intptr;
* layout of Itab known to compilers
struct Itab
InterfaceType* inter;
Type* type;
Itab* link;
int32 bad;
int32 unused;
void (*fun[])(void);
struct Iface
Itab* tab;
void* data;
struct Eface
Type* type;
void* data;
struct String
byte* str;
int32 len;
struct Slice
{ // must not move anything
byte* array; // actual data
uint32 len; // number of elements
uint32 cap; // allocated number of elements
struct Gobuf
// The offsets of these fields are known to (hard-coded in) libmach.
byte* sp;
byte* pc;
G* g;
struct G
byte* stackguard; // cannot move - also known to linker, libmach, libcgo
byte* stackbase; // cannot move - also known to libmach, libcgo
Defer* defer;
Panic* panic;
Gobuf sched;
byte* stack0;
byte* entry; // initial function
G* alllink; // on allg
void* param; // passed parameter on wakeup
int16 status;
int32 goid;
uint32 selgen; // valid sudog pointer
G* schedlink;
bool readyonstop;
bool ispanic;
M* m; // for debuggers, but offset not hard-coded
M* lockedm;
int32 sig;
uintptr sigcode0;
uintptr sigcode1;
struct M
// The offsets of these fields are known to (hard-coded in) libmach.
G* g0; // goroutine with scheduling stack
void (*morepc)(void);
void* morefp; // frame pointer for more stack
Gobuf morebuf; // gobuf arg to morestack
// Fields not known to debuggers.
uint32 moreframe; // size arguments to morestack
uint32 moreargs;
uintptr cret; // return value from C
uint64 procid; // for debuggers, but offset not hard-coded
G* gsignal; // signal-handling G
uint32 tls[8]; // thread-local storage (for 386 extern register)
Gobuf sched; // scheduling stack
G* curg; // current running goroutine
int32 id;
int32 mallocing;
int32 gcing;
int32 locks;
int32 nomemprof;
int32 waitnextg;
Note havenextg;
G* nextg;
M* alllink; // on allm
M* schedlink;
uint32 machport; // Return address for Mach IPC (OS X)
MCache *mcache;
G* lockedg;
uint64 freg[8]; // Floating point register storage used by ARM software fp routines
#ifdef __WINDOWS__
void* return_address; // saved return address and stack
void* stack_pointer; // pointer for Windows stdcall
void* os_stack_pointer;
* deferred subroutine calls
struct Defer
int32 siz;
byte* sp;
byte* pc;
byte* fn;
Defer* link;
byte args[8]; // padded to actual size
* panics
struct Panic
Eface arg; // argument to panic
byte* stackbase; // g->stackbase in panic
Panic* link; // link to earlier panic
bool recovered; // whether this panic is over

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